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Driving licence health check-up (A/BE)

In order to be allowed to drive a vehicle that requires a driving licence in the Netherlands, you need to be medically fit. In order to prove the latter, you need a Certificate of Fitness (Dutch VvG) or a medical certificate. This certificate indicates you are physically and/or mentally sufficiently healthy to drive a vehicle.

On your request we can perform a driving licence health check-up (only driving licence A and B/BE) if you need a Certificate of Fitness. Consistent with the advice of the KNMG we only do this for persons who are NOT registered as a patient in our practice. The physician needs to undependent from the person requesting the health check. If you are registered in our practice and you need a health check for driving licence A/B/BE then we will refer you to another physician.

If you need a health check for driving licence C of D then you need to make an appointment with an occupational health physician (dutch: arbo-arts).

For more information about the necessities in the Netherlands for a driving licence go to the website of the RBW.