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Corona vaccinations

Corona vaccinations

Due to all the ambiguities around the corona vaccination our assistants are overwhelmed by questions about this subject leading to the fact that they tend to be overloaded by the extra work. As a consequence it is also far more difficult to reach us by phone. A lot of these questions can not be answered by us simply because the whole vaccination program is directed by the dutch government and executed by the GGD. That means that most things around the corona vaccination are beyond our controle like: when you will get your vaccination, what kind of vaccination you will get, how the risk groups are defined, where you will get your vaccination, when the vaccins will be delivered, etc. The risk groups are the only exception. The GP’s have handed lists of risk groups defined by the RIVM over to the GGD around May 15 and around June 10. For more information about the risk groups go to

Because of this we kindly ask you not to call us for questions about the corona vaccinations but call the GGD instead 023 789 1631 or go to their website:

When is it useful to call your GP about the corona vaccination?

1. After reading the definition of the risk groups at the website of the RIVM you are sure that you should be on the list but you haven’t received any invitation yet.

2. You have a specific medical problem and you would like to know if in your specific situation it is save to receive a vaccination and the GGD is not able to answer your question.

3. There is a considerable risk that you can’t get a corona vaccination because you are not registered yet in the Netherlands.

We hope to have created a bit more clearity.