Medical Practice Naarden


Information about our practice and the corona epidemic

Unfortunately there is a pandemic with the coronavirus. This is a big challenge for the society and in particular for the healthcare system in general.

Therefore we are obliged to take following measures, in order to keep our practice working and to make sure we can treat all urgent medical problems.

If your medical problem is not urgent, please do not call the practice! All non-urgent healthcare will be postponed as much as possible


We would like you to:


  • In case of a general question about the corona virus: call the national phone number for this, tel: 0800-1351. Or look on the website Do not call the practice for general information. We have to make sure that people with acute and urgent medical problems can reach us.
  • Do not come to our practice if not necessary! You can only visit our practice if you already have an appointment.
  • If you have a cold, feeling ill or have a fever: stay at home! Limit your social interactions. Fever or symptoms of a flu are not a reason for a check with the doctor. Only call the practice if you are very ill, have shortness of breath, are older than 70 years of age or belong to a group who is extra vulnerable (immune-problems, pre-existing heart- or lungproblems, diabetic)
  • You can use E-consultation for all of your questions. You will first have to make an account on “patientenomgeving” or you can use the app “uw zorg online”.
  • All the appointments for non-urgent medical problems will be canceled by the practice