Medical Practice Naarden


Information (English)

Are you looking for a new general practioner? We register new patients who live in Haarlem, Heemstede or Aerdenhout. Please click "new patients" in the top menu for more information.


General Practitioners




mr. R.G. Naarden, MD, GP   Mo, Tue, Wed and Thu
ms. C. Asselbergs, MD, GP   Friday
mr. R. Bleeker, MD, GP(in training)   Mo, Tue, Wed and Fri

Practice Nurses

ms. S. van Straaten, practice nurse physical health   Mon, Thu and Fri
ms. P. Hartman, practice nurse mental health   Thursday
ms. E. Langeler, practice nurse children and youth   Monday afternoon

Practice Assistants

ms. M. Meeter   Mon, Thu, Wed and Thu
ms. M. Blok   Mon, Tue and Fri
ms. L. de Vries   Friday
ms. S. Grannetia    Mon-morning, Wed and Thu

Practice Manager

ms. A. Blokhuis   Tue-morning, Fri-afternoon